• Gorut, Vampire Lord

    Gorut, Vampire Lord

    One of Shorn's surviving Lieutenants, Gorut commands the Hellfire Legion, the primary shock troops of Shorn's forces. In her absence, he is intent on taking control of the Empire.
  • Maryss, Vampire Lord

    Maryss, Vampire Lord

    The most independent of Shorn's lieutenants, and possibly the most loyal. The former half-elf is deceptive and beautiful. Maryss thinks the Throne is hers by right.
  • Shorn, the Lich Queen

    Shorn, the Lich Queen

    After a century of conquest as a lich, only a few elves and human legends recall the story of the sharp young noblewoman she used to be. Sharon Luthar used to study everything. Now, she wants to command it.
  • Sub-Boss Kankor

    Sub-Boss Kankor

    Kankor was there at the Final Clash, and survived. However, he is in disgrace with the Grey Legion, both for surviving and for the failure of his task force to hold the Decrepit Tunnel against the Silver Vanguard's infiltration team.
  • Trent, Vampire Lord

    Trent, Vampire Lord

    A surviving lieutenant of Shorn's, Trent was Lord Commander of the Shadow Legion. Spies, traitors and night operations fell under his command. He does not appear to be actively seeking the Throne.
  • Zprunxxix, Master Imp

    Zprunxxix, Master Imp

    Rarely left Shorn's side. Frequently kept the shape of a Raven.