In a land that has been wild and full of terrors for two thousand years, only one soft-skinned race has survived: the Kintaran Humans.

Known for their sharp pointed teeth and the intricate and savage scars and tattoos that they exhibit, the Kintarans have stably secured control over the forest bridging the northern Wugdgar Mountains and the Sea of Terrors. The forest is known as The Kint, and outside the Kintaran walled cities of Sea, Tree, and Stone, beasts and monsters roam freely.

Kintaran legends suggest they have a history dating back to the when the Remnant Empire was still in existence. Back then, they were mere softskins, with flat teeth and no adornment to show their strength. It was a savage time in a savage world, and the only way the Kintarans could survive was to show a savagery greater than that of their oppressors. A great warrior and holy man, sometime said to be a son of Hextor or Hextor in human form, preached the word of violence and started the Kintarans on their path to freedom… and dominance.

No Kintaran is considered an adult or a citizen until they have made a worthy kill, and been marked accordingly. Tattoos are given for every kill, for beasts, monsters or sentient beings. Scars are given for comrades lost. The marking artisans of the Kintaran are holy to them, and are masters of incorporating the scar and tattoo designs to unify the whole piece on a single body over a citizen’s life. A Kintaran’s teeth are filed into points after their first honorable kill of a sentient. The greatest of Kintaran warriors are covered in tattoos from head to toe, and in them, any Kintaran could trace the history of his or her battles and triumphs, fallen comrades, and (if any) times they were punished.

With access to ore, lumber, and secure ports in the many fjords near Sea, the Kintarans are well-protected and in a prime position to raid communities all around the Sea of Terrors. Recognizing their value, Shorn applied diplomacy and appealed to the honor of the Kintarans when she made them her allies. The Kintarans respected that Shorn was a very powerful human, with a savagery that appealed to their lifestyle. Despite their willing cooperation, Shorn was careful to insinuate her control over key leaders — just to be sure.

Available Classes
Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock



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