The Other Guys


You can download the basic 5th Edition rules here for free:

Or take a look at what they have for sale:

I’m planning to abide by the experience distribution as outlined in the rules. I’d also like to provide bonus XP for playing in character, for particularly clever ideas, and for someone to act as scribe (recapping a session in the Adventure Log here).

I’d like to have 4 or 5 players, and to have a plan to regularly meet at least once a month. This is something to figure out as I collect players.

Please take a look and let’s talk about what kind of character you’d like to play!

Welcome to the campaign!
Let's try something a little different.

The Other Guys is meant to depart from some D&D standards, while still existing in a fantasy cliche world. The player characters start as agents or soldiers of darkness (think Sauron) at the great deciding battle. Spoiler: the good guys win. Losing the fight does not mean all is well and resolved, however. Chaos reigns, and our adventurers must find their way in the new world as it emerges.

I’m relaxing the rigidity of the alignment system. Just because you’re fighting for a cause you believe in, or were duped into, or were magically compelled to support, or were paid to fight in, or that is all you know doesn’t necessarily make you evil. I have no doubt that millions of people consider every US soldier to be evil — most aren’t. And hey, even monsters have feelings. Anyway, just because someone is fighting for the Forces of Light or whatever doesn’t make them good! Maybe they just like to win. Or kill.

The players will start with a perceived alignment, and are expected to make choices in character, considering their need for survival, their character’s personal motivations, and the given situation. Decisions should make sense in your character’s context. The need to work together with the rest of the party may influence these decisions as well.

The front page is a better place to start to get an idea of what The Other Guys setting is going to look like. The Wiki is the definitely the best resource at this point!

I’ve created a map of the region in which this campaign takes place, and Wiki entries for each area. I haven’t fleshed out all the content yet, but I have given descriptions of all the playable races and classes, and some NPCs.


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